We have successfully imported data from a wide range of other systems. Contact us for more information.


Contact us for our competitive pricing when changing to jP from your old system.


A comprehensive ‘Getting Started’ manual is sent with your order. This useful manual helps to introduce you to jP and assists with your juniorPartner installation. Full Training in the modules is included in the purchase price.


juniorPartner operates exactly the same on computers using the following Operating Systems:

MS WINDOWS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

MACINTOSH: Use a windows emulator program

Several sites have a mixed platform Macintosh & Windows network. Speak to us before you start. If you install a network that supports a mixed Operating System environment, then juniorPartner can be run on all Operating Systems simultaneously. juniorPartner looks, feels and operates identically on each computer accessing the same datafile.


Power saving features should be disabled to prevent data loss.
Tips and FAQs can be found in the E-manual and should be consulted following installation.


Because juniorPartner can operate in a multi-user, multi-operating system networking environment it is important to ensure that each computer has uninterrupted access to the jPartner datafile, this is because jPartner is always communicating with the data file to check for user messages and other details. Wireless networks are unlikely to be robust enough to give uninterrupted access. We recommend to hardwire the computers, or use a terminal server for users who are remote or on a wireless node.

jP in the Cloud

Several jP users have moved into the Cloud. Because jP works the same in the Cloud as in a local environment jP is at home in the Cloud. The jP clients in the Cloud use many Cloud providers, we are happy to work with all Cloud providers to ensure the best solution for our clients.

iPartner NEW

iPartner lets you record WIP while you’re out of the office and connected to the net on iPhones, iPads and Android phones. You can also retrieve Client contact details, Phones, emails etc & File financial information: Balances and Unbilled WIP.

jP Storage Requirements


juniorPartner occupies less than 20 Mb on each computer.

The datafile that contains all the information for jPartner will grow as you enter more details. Most clients have a datafile smaller than 256Mb.