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juniorPartner usually occupies less 10-12 Mb Ram on each computer. Because juniorPartner can operate in a multi-user, multi-operating systeme networking environment it is important to ensure that each computer has uninterrupted access to the juniorParner datafile. Therefore there are certain steps that must be taken to alter default operating system settings at the time of installation. These and other ways to ensure against data loss are described in the Getting Started Manual despatched with your order.

Write-Behind Caching & Data Loss

"Data loss on network drives is a major headache for most administrators at one time or another. Windows 95/98 uses a write-behind caching scheme to improve workstation performance. This same feature can actually cause data loss, especially with networked database managers. If you find you have records that don't get written or other forms of data loss, you might want to check this box. Even though checking this box will most certainly reduce local workstation performance, it might improve overall network performance by forcing the workstation to write shared data faster."

Peter Norton.
Norton Utilities

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We are able to import data from a wide range of other systems. Contact us for more information.



Contact us for price when changing to jP.



A comprehensive 'Getting Started' manual is sent with your order. This manual helps you with your juniorPartner installation.



juniorPartner operates exactly the same on computers using the following
Operating Systems:

  MS WINDOWS: NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows10.

  MACINTOSH: runs on OS9 or use a windows emulator program

Several sites have a mixed platform Macintosh & Windows network. Speak to us before you start. If you install a network that supports a mixed Operating System environment, then juniorPartner can be run on all Operating Systems simultaneously. juniorPartner looks, feels and operates identically on each computer accessing the same datafile.



In Windows NT, 2000, XP this must be disabled to prevent data loss.
For more info go to:
Microsoft admitted Win. 2K & XP have problems due to Opportunistic Locking.
It may cause datafile problems with MS Excel also. Patches are available from Microsoft for Win XP and W2K Server.
jP users with Windows XP update with Service Pack 2. It contains a fix for this.
jP users with Windows W2K Server update with Service Pack 4.
For more info go to:



Power saving features should be disabled to prevent data loss.
Tips and FAQs can be found in the E-manual & should be consulted following installation.